Did you know that approximately 17 million people in the U.S. suffer from acne?
People of all ages suffer from cystic acne to the point where it can affect their daily lives for years to come. Our Candela Smoothbeam laser is an effective way to treat your active acne through a patented process called LASR: Laser Assisted Skin Renewal.
PULSE offers effective Laser acne treatment
The Smoothbeam Laser targets acne at its root cause - the oil gland. Most other acne treatments miss the target - they can be complicated, temporary or accompanied by potentially serious side effects. This can result in poor patient compliance and dissatisfaction. Unlike other "light" therapies that temporarily kill bacteria, the Smoothbeam applies laser energy (deeply penetrating heat) directly to the oil gland destroying the bacteria that causes acne. The resulting thermal injury alters the structure of the oil glands and you will experience a dramatic and long-term reduction in active acne lesions. In addition, the laser shrinks the oil glands, which causes them to produce less oil and reduces the appearance of large pores.
How long does my Laser acne treatment take?
Above all else, the Smoothbeam is quick - about 30 minutes each session, with minimal down time. We suggest a series of 6 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, however results vary with each person and additional sessions may be beneficial. Typically, you will notice a reduction in oil production following your first treatment. If you have active acne, the break outs will become less frequent after your second or third treatment.
What you should do before your Laser acne treatment session
The Smoothbeam Laser wavelength penetrates the top layer of skin, which may be uncomfortable for some people. We recommend numbing with a topical anesthetic for an hour prior to your treatment. This makes the procedure much more comfortable and the numbness wears off shortly after the treatment. You might experience some mild redness, but this typically occurs if you are not properly hydrated and subsides within a few hours